RotaWeb Interactive Web System for Rotary Districts

Yellow Pages Module


$150 one-time setup fee.
$500 or $300 per year
hosting fee.

The Yellow Pages Module of RotaWeb gives a way to the Districts to build a Yellow Pages database of Rotarian business professionals. Individual Rotarians signup online to be listed in the Yellow Pages and their listing is automatically added to the website. End users can search the Yellow Pages database and get the displayed information for what they are looking for. This is a great source of revenue that the District can use to enhance their programs and activities. The system is completely automatic. Once it is set, it requires very little maintenance, and the revenue keeps coming...

This sytem manages 2 types of listings. The default listing, and the upgraded listing with a graphical banner. The RotaWeb administrator sets the yearly price for each listing. Users pay online with a credit card when they signup. After one year, they receive some reminder emails to renew their listing. The email has a special link to go directly to the renewal page, enter the payment information, and the listing is renewed for another year. There is also an administrative option to give the default listing for free, and only charge for the upgraded listing with a banner.

After they signup and pay online, the user receives a transaction receipt by email, and it contains a special link with a password to let them go back and make changes to their listing. The same listing management page is used to let the user upload their own banner if they purchased the upgraded listing. Every further correspondance by email will contain a summary of the current listing information, so that the user can see if corrections are needed.

A special line of code can be added to any web page to insert a random listing from the Yellow Pages database, or simply a graphical banner from one of the upgraded listings. This is a great motivation to get the Rotarians to signup. You can display these banners on your District home page, or on other key locations. These random banners are also displayed on the Yellow Pages main page, where the end user has to go to do a search.


Yellow Pages Main Page

Administration Section

Listing Management


Any Rotary District can signup to use this system, for a $150 setup fee, and $500 per year hosting fee. The hosting fee is reduced to $300 per year if you are not charging for listings since there is no ongoing collection of payments.

The web pages are hosted on the RotaWeb web server. You can easily link to these web pages from your own District Website. The RotaWeb Pages can be customized to use a template to make it look like your own District Website.

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