RotaWeb Interactive Web System for Rotary Districts

Membership and Attendance Module


$75 one-time setup fee.
$60 per year hosting fee.

The Membership and Attendance Module of RotaWeb gives a way to the Districts to build an Online Report with the membership and attendance data from each club in the district. Each club goes monthly to an Online Submission Form to enter the data for the previous month, and upon submission of the form the district report is updated in real-time. Automatic notification emails are sent to the clubs twice a month (on the 16th and on the 23rd) if the data for the previous month has not been submitted yet. The notification emails have a direct link to the online submission form, to make it real easy for the club to enter the data. They click on the link, enter the data, and click "Save". That's it!

The Online Report shows at a glance the membership data for the district. It is easy to notice the clubs that have not reported their information. The attendance trend for each club is clearly displayed with the green/red pie charts icons. The net gain/loss for each club is listed in the right column, and the district net gain/loss for each month in the bottom row. The name of each club on the left is a link to a Club Membership Graph.

Key Feature

The reminder emails sent to the
clubs are a great way to ensure
that 100% of the clubs are
reporting their numbers.

The Online Submission Form is password protected but a direct link in the notification emails bypasses the login screen. Without the direct link, the form can be accessed through the Login Screen by clicking on a link on top of the Online Report. On the login screen, the user selects their club, and type the username and password. The username and password are the same for all the clubs in the district.

The membership data collected throughout the years can be used to generate a Club Membership Graph to quickly visualize the membership trend for the club. The whole series of graphs for the district can be displayed on a single report, and the report can be sorted in various ways to find the top performing clubs, or the clubs in trouble.


Online Report

Submission Form

Membership Graph


Any Rotary District can signup to use this system, for a $75 setup fee, and $60 per year hosting fee. The web pages are hosted on the RotaWeb web server. You can easily link to these web pages from your own District Website. The login and data entry pages can be customized to use a template to make it look like your own District Website.

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