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RotaWeb Interactive Tools


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RotaWeb provides a set of interactive tools that can be plugged into any Rotary District website. RotaWeb does not replace your district website, but it can be used to enhance it greatly. RotaWeb uses templates to generate the interactive pages and keep the look of your own website while using the tools.

RotaWeb was originally developed for District 5340, San Diego, California. The District 5340 website now receives over 16,000 hits per day, making it a most effective communications tool to do the good work of Rotary.

Membership Reports

The Membership and Attendance Module of RotaWeb gives a way to the Districts to build an Online Report with the membership and attendance data from each club in the district. Each club goes monthly to an Online Submission Form to enter the data for the previous month, and upon submission of the form the district report is updated in real-time. Automatic notification emails are sent to the clubs twice a month (on the 16th and on the 23rd) if the data for the previous month has not been submitted yet. The notification emails have a direct link to the online submission form, to make it real easy for the club to enter the data. They click on the link, enter the data, and click "Save". That's it! [more...]

Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages Module of RotaWeb gives a way to the Districts to build a Yellow Pages database of Rotarian business professionals. Individual Rotarians signup online to be listed in the Yellow Pages and their listing is automatically added to the website. End users can search the Yellow Pages database and get the displayed information for what they are looking for. This is a great source of revenue that the District can use to enhance their programs and activities. The system is completely automatic. Once it is set, it requires very little maintenance, and the revenue keeps coming...

Speakers Bureau


The Speakers Bureau Module of RotaWeb gives a way to the Districts to build a database of speakers for club programs. The entries must be submitted by Rotarians (after they heard the speaker) using an online form. After submission, an email is sent to the Speakers Bureau Administrator for review/publishing. [more...]

Clubs Map

The Clubs Map Module of RotaWeb is building a page with a list of clubs in your district, and an interactive Google map with color-coded placemark indicators to show where the clubs are meeting. The information about the club meetings is managed though the "Club List" section of the RotaWeb administration pages. This keeps track of the meeting day and time, kind of meal, address for meeting location, comment, and club website. [more...]


Go to each individual module page to find the signup forms. These forms need to be filled to provide the necessary setup information.

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Use of Templates

The web pages are hosted on the RotaWeb web server. You can easily link to these web pages from your own District Website. All the pages are customized to use a template to make it look like your own District Website. See the following 2 links, using the same programming for 2 different districts:

District 5340 and District 5170.